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It Doesn't get any Safer than this... Guaranteed!
The World's Most Amazing Home Defense Product
*Each Box is Designed to Be Easy To Instal And Easy to Use...
  • Non-Lethal: Don't let 'non-lethal' fool you. This product will clear almost any intruder out of your home. All the while, you sit safely behind your closed door
  •  Easy to Use: So easy a caveman could do it! Well.. maybe not a cave man but your spouse and children will have no problem using the barrier box to keep themselves safe in the time they need it most.
  • Inexpensive: You can buy 10 barrier boxes for the price of ONE gun! Safeguard your entire house with this simply and easy to use defense tool.
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The Barrier Box
Patent No.: US 9,482,496 B1
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